What is INKINITE ?

Inkinite is the next generation notebook that will redefine your experience of using a notebook to a whole new level! Unlike traditional notebooks, Inkinite notebook has pages that are made up of a unique erasable sheets. With our special Inkinite markers, you can easily write on these rewritable sheets smoothly.

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
Inkinite is carefully crafted and designed for your daily use. All Inkinite notebooks contain erasable sheets that are sourced right here in India. Do you want to erase the content that you have written? No worries! Just wipe the sheets in a jiffy with an eraser that is available with our marker.
Inkinite notebooks are affordable, durable, and reusable. Grab your copy of Inkinite notebook today and enjoy the new experience of using a notebook! Erase & rewrite leaving no smudges. It is just that simple! Reuse and save paper!
From to-do list to agenda, Doodling / Sketching to mind mapping, Note making.
Inkinite marker
Use our specially designed markers to write and erase smoothly on inkinite notebooks.
Transparent Sheet
Flip over the transparent sheet and start Practicing or Explaining

Multiple sheets format All-in-One Notebook


Inkinite book is made up of thick reusable sheets which are splashproof. To make it even more durable it has been wiro bound with Hard back cover.


Write, Erase and rewrite unlimited number of times leaving behind no smudges or smears. Works with all dry erase & correctable markers.

Environment friendly

Be it practice , rough work , temporary note taking, etc. reduce paper wastage. Erase and reuse with our inkinite notebooks.

Not a regular Notebook

Includes different sheet formats. Plain, ruled, dots. Also a to-do list and a transparent sheet. Explore more uses than that of a normal notebook..

Whiteboard alternative

Get all the whiteboard features in a handy notebook. Creating more uses by having whiteboard in a notebook form factor.


A must have book for Sketching, Mind mapping, Doodling, notemaking, etc., the uses are limited to your imagination.

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We undertake personalized/customized orders. Inkinite can be crafted out for your special needs based on your requirements. It makes a special gift for all events and also can carry your brand identity for your organisation. Let us know the size, design and the format of the pages your book should carry and we will specially design it for you. Please contact us for further details.

Some of our customized Inkinite Notebooks
Google Conference
NJ Infrastructure
Dribbble Conference

Experience the Change

What people say?

"Inkinite is one the best product which all age groups in recent times. Being a Designer, we have the habit to draw, doodle and sketch wireframes. This helps in doing all the three and also allows one to sketch isometric components. I would highly recommend this product to every designer out there who wish to unleash their creativity. Talking about the quality, its top notch and i keep it as my proud possession."

Ramakrishna V - Interaction Design Lead - ZETA

What people say?

This is an interesting product. The make quality is simply superb. Really smooth and stays true to its description.
When I first had my hands on this product I wondered, what can really be the purpose of this? And after using it for a day, must tell you it has a lot to offer people working in various fields like students, working professionals, teachers, online tutors etc. It comes very handy for those people who are studying for competitive exams and just want to practice more questions. It comes with different kinds of page format and can be used across various industry people.

Vivek Das - Senior Product Specialist - SAP

What people say?

A great rewriteable notebook that works well for jotting down notes during meetings and conferences, great for to-do-lists. I usually transcribe my written notes into my computer. This book is light, easy-to-write and erase and does not smudge. Light and easy to use, the text stays till you are ready to transcribe it. Great for ideation and brainstorming sessions in a lab or office environment. The quality of the book is incredible and I would definitely recommend having a few of these for home and office use.

Ranjini Tolakanahalli - Medical Physicist - Hamilton Health Sciences

What people say?

Writing, erasing & writing again; this was how I was taught to write on a thin black slate with a piece of chalk when I was a toddler. Inkinite had brought this childhood memory back into my day to day life now. Kudos!! Jotting things quickly, meeting notes, to-do lists or simple doodling like a grown up kid and all these wihout any waste of paper! Inkinite is a way of life wherein you can be inking things infinitely!

Diwakar - UK

What people say?

Being a scientist, I’ve always been inclined towards Green Chemistry, and this product indeed represents a really good initiative towards minimizing paper use and thus a good step towards conserving environment. I just bought this product for this reason. I must say that it exceeds my expectations and I’m thoroughly impressed. It weighs light and makes it easy to carry along when I travel. The product functionality is just as described in the product info. Elegant to write on surface and easily erasable.

Prof. V. V. Suresh Babu - Department of Chemistry - Bangalore University

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What are the dimensions & weight of the book ?
The size of the book is 188mm x 254mm. Weight is approx. 370gm.
Is the marker included with the book / Where to buy additional markers ?
One marker is included with each book. Additional markers can be bought from our online store via amazon or flipkart.
Note: Do not keep the markers open for long time to avoid ink drying up.
Which markers are supported with inkinite notebooks ?
You can use any whiteboard / dry erase markers with inkinite notebooks.
Does it smudge when erased ?
No it wont and that's the best part.
Note: Do not use any permanent markers with inkinite notebook which are not erasable.
Can i buy them at stores ?
At present inkinite is available at flipkart & amazon. We are launching soon across different offline stores.
Can the notebook sheet format be customized ?
Yes. It requires a minimum order of 500nos. We also create customized Inkinite notebooks based on your requirements.
How to buy inkinite books in bulk quantity ?
Drop us an email at contact@adeptadab.com or feel free to contact us at +91 990 232 1111
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